Yoga away from home

The continuation of online yoga classes means that it’s possible to keep up your practice and class attendance even when you’re away from home. If you’ve never tried yoga while you’re on holiday, you might be missing a treat! Provided that family or travelling companions can give you space for an hour (unless they want to join in with you!), the leisure of holiday time can make yoga feel more relaxed, rather than being something to cram in between working hours and mealtimes. And if you have time for a longer savasana to end, so much the better.

If tuning in for class doesn’t work, why not find some time for yourself and do your own practice? It’s easy to imagine that home yoga practice needs to look a certain way or be a certain level of intensity, but you might find that being on holiday and out of your usual routine (and mindset) some of these concerns melt away.

Find a clean, quiet spot, you don’t even need a yoga mat. A towel might work, or a patch of grass or sand…

Take some quiet breaths, without any particular intention or expectation. For the first practice in a new environment you might need a bit more time to settle, to ground, to absorb your surroundings and to feel safe.

Then you might begin some movements.

Start with something that feel familiar to you, from your own experiences. Some breaths in downdog might feel good especially if you’ve been sitting while travelling and feel the need to stretch out the back and the legs. Or you might take some stretches lying down. This can be particularly nice if you’re somewhere warm which might help the body feel softer or more flexible, or if you arrive tired and in need of some time to restore and relax after the inevitable busy days before the holiday starts.

Five or ten minutes like this might be all you need to feel refreshed and more connected with yourself. Or perhaps the holiday spirit has given you more energy and your movements become stronger or more dynamic and you increasing lose yourself in the joy of movement.

Holidays can be a great time to try something new, so don’t be afraid to experiment, to let go of old habits, trust your instincts about what’s best for you. You might come home with some new understanding of what your yoga is — that’s better than any suntan, I’d say!

Published by Victoria Jackson

Oxford-based vinyasa yoga teacher

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