Zoom room or studio?

I saw this bit of graffiti as I walked back from class this week. YOG. I laughed out loud. Something about the synchronicity, how this bit of vandalism paralleled my day, amused me. I was still laughing when I got home and my husband commented how different I was after my yoga class. He said I looked happy. More precisely he said I had a goofy grin on my face! I prefer to think of it as my ‘post yoga glow’.

I’ve only just started going to ‘real life’ classes again after more than a year of zoom and self-practice. I wasn’t sure how it would feel. The faff of getting ready, travel time, carrying a mat, as well as the covid protocols of spaced-out mats, hand sanitiser and masks… Should I bother? After all, I could just stay home and do yoga in my PJs.

But actually it was wonderful! There’s nothing like the feeling of being in class with other people. The sound of a gentle OM to begin, people gradually starting to move and warm up, then more synchronised surya namaskar as we found a rhythm, individual yet collective. Some challenging poses elicited a common groan and the room definitely got warm with us all sweating and focused on our practice. As we moved into the closing poses there were some low sighs around the room and finally we settled into our savasana and a beautiful stillness. The only time it feels right, as an adult, to lie down amidst a group of strangers and not worry about a thing!

Do you remember?

If you’ve missed in person classes and/or zoom doesn’t work for you, I’m teaching in person again with a weekly vinyasa class. I’d love to see you and share the energy of the room.

But don’t worry, zoom is also here to stay. In person can be great, but it’s also true that you can’t beat the convenience of a class at home before the working day. So let’s keep our Tuesday morning thing going — after coming together like this for more than a year, why change?

You decide what yoga you need: I’ll be there for both!

Published by Victoria Jackson

Oxford-based vinyasa yoga teacher

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