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COMING SOON FROM MID-SEPTEMBER — Evening Restorative Yoga class at YogaVenue, Oxford Friday 6.30pm

Restorative Yoga is a slow practice of largely seated or lying down postures. Props, bolsters and blankets are used to help find ease in each asana (posture), inviting mental and physical release. In the Restorative Yoga class passive, restful asanas are typically held between 5 and 20 minutes. This allows the body to soften, open and relax deeply, and the mind to become quieter. In this restful state, the nervous system is given the chance to shift into ‘repair and renew’ mode, making Restorative Yoga a profoundly nurturing practice. It is particularly helpful during times of stress and fatigue and is the perfect complement to a regular Hot or Vinyasa practice.

Please wear or bring warm layers to class including a pair of socks.

All ability levels welcome. Classes are held at room temperature. Gentle music is played in these classes.

Evening Restorative class ONLINE

A simple but profound practice, using blankets and cushions to support the body in a small number of longer-held poses. I think of it as an embodied meditation, a practice of letting go of mental and physical tensions. If you find it difficult to relax, this can be a helpful practice: we ‘distract’ and quieten the mind through bodily postures and gentle breathing techniques which stimulates a natural relaxation response in the body.

This class is recorded so you can ‘catch up’ if the class time doesn’t suit you, or you would like to practise again between live classes.

Check my schedule on Ubindi for the next date

Vinyasa classes in person, central Oxford location

I am currently offering a regular semi-private yoga class, shared with one other person in my fully-equipped home yoga space. You will be guided through a flow (vinyasa) practice, balancing body and mind, to leave you feeling more whole. In an intimate setting there is also more time for questions and explorations, according to your interests and needs. I can also offer hands-on assists if you would like.

Central Oxford location, address supplied on registration. Cash payment please. For mutual safety and reassurance, I request that you are fully vaccinated and ask you to consider doing a lateral flow test on the day of class.

Email me for the next bookable date or to discuss options

Corporate classes at Oxford University Press (staff only) Tuesdays 1pm

For bookings and enquires please email the gym manager

Some help:

For online classes you will need a free zoom account. Read my tips on getting the most from your online class here.

Online classes are booked via Ubindi. There is a short help guide to Ubindi here.