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Kindly note that all my teaching is currently online as we are experiencing high covid-19 cases locally. I hope to return to in-person teaching again soon. I’m grateful for your continued presence in class, no matter what format, and I believe that continuity of practice (and for me in teaching) is such a boon for us in pulling through difficulties and honing our ability to weather the ups and downs of life.

Wednesday evening Vinyasa class 5.30pm (60 minutes) ONLINE

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flowing practice, suitable for all levels (options are always offered). The sequence of poses changes regularly, challenging mind and body. The emphasis is on balancing breath with movement, and physical effort with mental ease. Expect a rounded, full-body practice including sun salutations, caturanga (or alternative), and some inversions. In addition to the physical practice there may be Sanskrit chanting, philosophy discussion, or pranayama (breathing practices).

Restorative class 6pm (60 minutes) ONLINE

A simple but profound practice, using blankets and cushions to support the body in a small number of longer-held poses. I think of it as an embodied meditation, a practice of letting go of mental and physical tensions. If you find it difficult to relax, this can be a helpful practice: we ‘distract’ and quieten the mind through bodily postures and gentle breathing techniques which stimulates a natural relaxation response in the body.

Check my schedule on Ubindi for the next date

Recordings available

There are a small number of recordings available to hire on Ubindi. You can find them under the middle videos tab. These recordings can be really helpful as a way of continuing practice between classes, if you’re not confident in creating your own practice. Please ask if you need help or more information. Or if you have a request for a new recording 🙂

Class bookings

All classes can be booked via Ubindi. There is a short help guide here.

For online classes you will need a free zoom account. Read my tips on getting the most from your online class here.