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Weekly Tuesday morning Flow class 8.05am (45 minutes) ONLINE

Flow class will take you from duvet to desk in less than an hour, leaving you energised but calm and ready for the day ahead. Options or modifications always offered — you decide how energetic you need to be and I’ll guide you there.

Sunday Summer Sessions 10.30am (1 hour), Botley Park, Oxford — IN PERSON

Flow class outdoors in nature! Small friendly group, with options given to meet you where you are in your practice. Local covid-19 guidelines are adhered to for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. This local park also has a cafe, children’s playground, and free parking should you need to entertain family or you would like to socialise after class.

LAST TWO DATES: August 1 and 22. Secure your space via the booking system. Outdoor classes are subject to the British weather! I will email you at least one hour before class if we need to cancel it.

Monthly Monday evening Restorative class 6pm (60 minutes) ONLINE

A simple but profound practice, using blankets and cushions to support the body in a small number of longer-held poses. I think of it as an embodied meditation, a practice of letting go of mental and physical tensions. If you find it difficult to relax, this can be a helpful practice: we ‘distract’ and quieten the mind through bodily postures and gentle breathing techniques which stimulates a natural relaxation response in the body.

Class bookings

All classes can be booked here via Ubindi. There is a short help guide here. You will need a free zoom account to access class.

Read my tips on getting the most from your online class here.