Hello and welcome!

My name is Victoria. I live in Oxford and I teach yoga part-time, alongside a busy office job. I make time to teach because I believe yoga is a fantastic practice for living life more fully. It helps me, it might help you too.

I share from my own practice of yoga and of life (they are not separate things!). I have been teaching since 2016 and some of my students have been with me from the start.

Since my initial teacher training, I continue deepening my understanding of yoga with a daily āsana practice (the physical postures) and regular study with my own teacher. I also attend workshops and training courses with a wide range of teachers internationally, who meet my interests in physical yoga and anatomy, meditation, yoga philosophy, and Sanskrit language.

I have been a regular columnist for Om Yoga and Lifestyle magazine for many years.

What my students say

Speaking to people I didn’t know for the first time and listening to their individual experiences was fascinating and also quite humbling. Everyone is on their own unique journey and ours is no greater or lesser than anyone else’s.  You were wonderful: warm and friendly, offering lots of space for everyone to speak, whilst also keeping it focused. When it ended, I couldn’t believe it had been over an hour!

About a philosophy workshop

That was fantastic, I feel so serene, thank you!

Restorative yoga student

Thank you for the class yesterday evening- it was such a good remedy to busy-ness and good to slow down properly in the evening.

Restorative yoga student

When I have classes with you, I finish the class feeling a mixture of zen and energised.

Flow yoga student

Let’s practise together!

Photo credits: Ania Ready